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Stem Cell Banking

We understand and appreciate the lifelong relationship between a healthy smile and your overall health. That’s why we strive to provide consistently high levels of periodontal care with a focus on our impact on your general well-being, both now and in the future.

One example of our commitment to your health is our decision to offer Stem Cell Banking. In a program known as Stem Save, we can preserve the valuable stem cells that are found within your teeth.

Why are Stem Cells Important?

Within the revolutionary field of stem cell research, experts have discovered that the living tissues inside of our teeth are home to some of the most potent stem cells in the human body. These cells are miraculous in their ability to replicate and regenerate in a manner that is fully compatible with your own body.  In the event of an injury, illness, or disease, these cells can be used to promote healing for you as well as your family members.

What Diseases can be Treated with Stem Cells?

  • Cartilage and nerve damage
  • Brain damage
  • Parkinson’s Disease, Leukemia, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Periodontal disease

Currently, some particularly challenging health conditions are being treated with stem cells. More importantly, these cells are less likely to be rejected by your body and less likely to require immune suppression drugs (as is typically the case with donor or artificial solutions).

How are Stem Cells Collected?

Although Stem Cell Banking sounds highly technical and futuristic, it is actually quite simple. Whenever a healthy tooth is extracted, the pulp tissue inside the tooth can be preserved at your request. Typically, healthy extracted teeth include: wisdom teeth, baby teeth, unrestorable fractured teeth, and teeth that have been removed in the course of orthodontic treatment.

stem cell banking new york cityCompared to the simplicity of a tooth extraction, stem cell cultivation in other parts of the body are far more complicated and much less productive. This is mainly due to the fact that these cells are more difficult to access and appear in fewer numbers when collected from sources such as bone marrow and umbilical cord blood.

It is difficult to predict the amount of stem cell tissue that you will require for healthcare throughout your lifetime. However, we do know that the sooner the stem cells are collected, and the younger you are at the time of collection, the more beneficial they are likely to be in the future.

To learn more, visit the StemSave websiteDownload the StemSave™ Brochure, or  contact our team today for more information