Patients who have lost a tooth or an entire arch of them rarely want to wait for weeks while an appliance is designed to replace their missing pearly whites. Dr. Gottesman and Dr. Karabin can use a technique that reduces that wait time to one hour!

This process begins with a specialized software program that gives our periodontists a highly realistic and accurate three-dimensional representation of your jaw structure. The patient’s jaw is scanned using digital technology, and those images are then manipulated in the program. After the jaw model is ready, the periodontist can perform a virtual surgery to prepare for the real thing.

This tool allows the periodontist to plan for the surgery more effectively and efficiently, and the implants are designed based on the data collected in the patient’s scan scan. The prosthetic is also designed in advance of the procedure so that it can be placed atop the implant on the day of the procedure.

When all of the elements (surgical plan, implant and prosthetic) are in place, the implant placement surgery is performed right in our office for your convenience. Local anesthesia is used, and patients can also opt for sedation as an additional comfort measure.

Because the surgery is so brief, patients heal more quickly, too. You’ll spend less time in recovery and be able to get back to your regular routine sooner!

Patients must be good candidates for dental implants in order to be eligible for the Teeth-In-An-Hour™, and most importantly, they must have sufficient bone of good quality to support the implants. If that is not the case, a preliminary bone graft may be needed before the patient can undergo the Teeth-In-An-Hour™ procedure. At your initial examination, Dr. Gottesman and Dr. Karabin can tell you whether you’ll need an additional bone graft surgery in advance.

Don’t wait any longer for a beautiful new smile! Schedule an appointment at our office to see if you can take advantage of Teeth-In-An-Hour™.


Dr. Gottesman is a wonderful, skilled and caring dentist. So different from the many doctors who do not take the time to get to know their patients or explain the treatment.  He takes the time to get to know you and remembers you each time you return. He thoroughly explains the treatment, which in my case was implants.  A very skilled doctor who combined concern for me resulted in a fairly stress free and totally pain free procedure. After the procedure he carefully explained the after care and in the evening even called to make sure I was OK! The office is bright and state-of-the art and his staff is friendly, caring and competent. I was also impressed that the office was considerate of my time. So important for busy, working people. And, my implants are perfect.  I enthusiastically recommend this excellent doctor.


I am 100% happy with my implants they look great. Dr. Gottesman was a pleasure to work with. Great dental work and a very decent price. If anyone is on the fence take my word this is the man.