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Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Collaborating with Dr. Kenneth Kurtz, a board certified prosthodontist, and Roberto Rossi Dental Lab, Dr. Gottesman performs crown lengthening to support a successful smile makeover.

Lip Repositioning (Gummy Tuck™)

Deb’s gummy smile was drastically improved with a Gummy Tuck™, a minimally invasive procedure to reposition her upper lip.

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening & Gum Grafting

Collaborating with Dr. Matthew Teich, a Pankey-trained dentist, and Valley Dental Arts,  Dr. Gottesman performs crown lengthening and gum grafting supporting another successful smile makeover.

Lip Repositioning (Gummy Tuck™)

Margaret never smiled because she was too embarrased of her gummy smile. Her life changed after her Gummy Tuck™.

Robin’s Smile Makeover

Robin Jay, Editor-in-Chief of South Florida’s Opulence magazine, underwent a smile makeover with the help of Dr. Gottesman, Dr. Windmiller and Valley Dental Arts (Dental Dream Team).  Read more in the Summer 2013 issue of South Florida Opulence Magazine.