Oral Medicine at Perio NYC

The foundation of a dental specialist’s clinical diagnosis begins with the visual examination of the oral tissues. During this process, Dr. Gottesman, Dr. Pitman, and Dr. Bogart will thoroughly inspect the soft tissues of your mouth, looking for signs and symptoms of specific oral pathology (abnormal cells). Some oral pathology may appear as painful non-healing sores or ulcers; thickenings or lumps; or red or white patches.

X-rays may also be used in diagnosing your oral health. These images can show problems in the bone that are obscured by the tissues that cover the bone. Biopsies are also valuable in evaluating abnormally appearing tissues.

If you present with a symptom that requires microscopic exploration to determine its cause, we may surgically remove a tissue sample (AKA biopsy) that will then be sent to a lab for further examination. Treatments for oral pathology are more likely to be effective when detected early.

Different oral health conditions may present with similar symptoms, and in such cases, determining the specific oral pathology (abnormalities in the mouth’s cells), can be useful in forming a definitive diagnosis for patients.

Not all patients who exhibit oral pathology will necessarily undergo a surgical procedure but our dentists are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat appropriate oral pathological conditions.

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