Single and Multi-Tooth Replacement at Perio NYC

If ever there were a Gold Standard in dentistry, the honor would be awarded to the dental implant. Since the implant gained widespread acclaim more than 30 years ago, it has garnered unprecedented success both clinically and commercially.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, implant dentistry is typically the very best solution for tooth replacement. Implants also provide a welcome alternative for patients young
and old who may be facing the loss of a badly damaged tooth. There is no alternative that more closely resembles your natural teeth, is more universally accepted, and more likely to improve your overall health.

The dental implant consists of an artificial tooth root that will become integrated with the jawbone soon after it is placed. The implant is created from specially constructed titanium, a material that has been proven to be highly compatible with the human body.

Carolina Bermudez from the Z100 Elvis Duran and the Morning Show had a tooth removed and then replaced with a dental implant under nitrous oxide sedation by PerioNYC’s dentists.

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Once the artificial tooth root is restored with a dental crown, the new tooth can comfortably absorb the forces of biting and chewing. To those around you, your new tooth will look completely natural. As you function daily, you will enjoy eating the foods that you want and you will love smiling with confidence.

In addition to great esthetics and comfort, there are less visible advantages that make implants the right choice in the opinion of Dr. Gottesman, Dr. Pitman, and Dr. Bogart. As periodontal specialists, they understand the way that implants can help to prevent bone loss as well as provide tremendous, unwavering support for the neighboring teeth.

In the PerioNYC office, our team continues to stay abreast of the most recent developments in implant dentistry. This foundation of continuing education and research supports our commitment to provide you with the most advanced care that is perfect for you.