Dental Implants: Is there an age limit?

If you are weighing the pros and cons of investing in dental implants, consider your age to be a motivating factor rather than a deterrent. Unlike most things in life that you’ll eventually outgrow, time is actually on your side when it comes to permanently replacing your missing teeth in this fashion.

In fact, implants are not even a viable option until your jaw bone has grown to full maturity. The more dense and plentiful the bone is, the better the expected outcome of the procedure. As long as you can physically tolerate the implant surgery, you’ll never be too old to opt for this solution.

When you choose dental implants, you are selecting an option that you will expect to last for the rest of your life. As many Americans are living well into their 80’s and 90’s, an implant candidate over the age of 50 can expect the return on this investment to last 30 years or more! This lifespan rivals (or exceeds) the lifespan of even the best-made bridge or partial denture!

The durability and lifespan of the implant isn’t just an arbitrary detail, either. The ability to chew foods thoroughly becomes essential during the senior years. It’s critical to your health, helping to balance your nutritional intake and promote better digestive health. During these years, you’ll look forward to enjoying your meals and a worry-free lifestyle without the hassle of uncomfortable or ill-fitting teeth.

Implants are teeth that will perform for you every day and every night without requiring that you return to the dental office for adjustments, relines, and costly repairs. These are teeth that won’t even require special cleaning tools and oral hygiene products from the drugstore. Plus, they will never need to be taken out at night for cleaning and they’ll never embarrass you by slipping out in public. Only implants can guarantee this impressive level of stability and true functionality.

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