Gintuit™ Educational Event


Thursday, July 18th Drs. Karabin and Gottesman hosted an educational event at their office for a few of their referring colleagues.  Chris Gemmiti, PhD and Product Director of Oral Regeneration for Organogenesis, introduced the new state-of-the-art technology for gum regeneration using their FDA approve living cell construct called Gintuit™.  Drs. Karabin and Gottesman  presented several cases of successful keratinized tissue regeneration around teeth and implants using Gintuit™ and discussed the relative advantages of using it instead of free gingival grafting.  They were fortunate to be one of the first clinicians to be introduced to the product in August 2012 and have since been implementing this new cell based technology. They have earned the title of the most experienced periodontists in New York City using Gintuit™.

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