All About Gum Disease at Perio NYC

Mouth – Body Connection

Understanding the BIG Picture

Your health is important: whether it is your mental health, your physical health, or your oral health. When one part of your body is unhealthy, the other components of your health are likely to suffer as well. So, when your periodontist speaks to you about your oral health, listen with an attentive ear. The knowledge that you gain may benefit you in more ways than one.

The Truth About Infections

Periodontal disease at any stage represents an active state of infection within your body. It’s been the suspicion of dental professionals for many years that a chronic periodontal infection in the mouth could impact the way that the rest of the body functions. However, no substantial research on the topic had been available until 1998.

In the late 1990’s the medical community began to realize that uncontrolled gum disease could actually elevate a patient’s risk for a stroke, and it could present real complications for patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In fact, researchers were even able to draw links between gum disease and pregnancy, showing a greater tendency for preterm childbirth and low birth-weight babies in mothers who had advanced or chronic periodontal disease.

Detection and Education can make the Difference

Once you understand the relationship between your oral health and your whole body, you’ll want to first find out if you have the disease, and then learn as much as possible about preventing it or controlling it. Start with a complete periodontal evaluation. A periodontist has access to a wealth of diagnostic tools that can provide a comprehensive picture of your oral health status. In fact, many of the signs of active disease are impossible to detect without a professional examination.

Your health may be one or your most valuable assets. Don’t ignore the role that your oral health plays in terms of your general well-being. If you have any form of heart disease, diabetes, a respiratory illness, are planning to become pregnant, or have a family history of gum disease, you are encouraged to schedule your periodontal consultation today.  Several treatment options are available for early treatment of gum disease, both surgical and non-surgical.

Gender Differences in Oral Health

At PerioNYC, we have a keen appreciation for the relationship between your periodontal health and your overall health. The oral health needs of women demands special attention because of the unique changes that take place throughout a woman’s lifetime.

The hormonal fluctuations experienced during Pregnancy and Menopause, can cause common irritants such as plaque bacteria or trauma, to delay healing or can result in an exaggerated inflammatory response. Osteoporosis,which may be treated with Bisphosphonates, can affect the healing after dental procedures.

In addition, women more commonly experience autoimmune diseases than men, which may alter their treatment. Just as some women’s overall health conditions can impact their oral health, the state of your oral health can also influence your overall health. For example, it has been known for decades that a systemic infection can trigger preterm labor, but it is only in recent years that evidence has indicated an association between periodontal disease and an increased risk for pre-term low-birth weight babies.

Throughout the various phases of a woman’s life, effective communication and education can be the key to improved periodontal health for a lifetime. Preservation of a woman’s oral health  requires much more than routine brushing and flossing in each stage of life.

For both the patients and healthcare providers education and awareness is the key to successful treatment .

The entire PerioNYC team is prepared to consider your overall health as well as your gender as we diagnose and treat your periodontal and surgical needs. We encourage you to contact our office today for more information.

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