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All-on-4® and Overdentures

In response to the ongoing challenges of life with traditional dentures, Dr. Gottesman, Dr. Pitman, and Dr. Bogart offer tooth replacement alternatives that are more in line with what nature intended. A full set of teeth that can be anchored to the bone for stability and customized just for you can completely change your denture experience.

In much the same way that a single tooth can be replaced with a dental implant, a complete set of teeth can also be replaced. In a revolutionary, one-day surgical procedure, you will be able to enjoy a strong, healthy, and fully functional smile. Dental implants enable the team at PerioNYC to restore both your appearance as well as your chewing efficiency with a comfortable, world-class procedure.

After a comprehensive evaluation and a discussion to uncover your needs and expectations, the most appropriate tooth replacement solution will be recommended for you:


If you are currently facing the loss of your remaining natural teeth or are not satisfied with the limitations of traditional dentures, the All-on-4® procedure can provide the stability that you desire. With the help of computer-guided technology, and in a minimally invasive surgical procedure, a foundation consisting of only four dental implants can be anchored to the jaw bone.

Due to the precision and accuracy of the implant placement, the foundation can immediately support the weight of a permanent dental bridge. Your dental bridge will be customized to fit the dimensions of the dental implants for a snug, natural fit. Best of all, you will enjoy the convenience of a strong, secure set of attractive teeth that never need to be removed for eating, brushing, or sleeping.


For those patients who are satisfied with the appearance of their existing traditional denture, but desire a more secure fit, dental implant technology can be used to provide additional stability.

Your existing denture can be modified to attach to a series of dental implants that are securely fused to the underlying bone. Immediately after the implants have been placed, your denture will snap into place and you will be able to resume your normal activities. Feel free to eat the foods that you love, and then simply remove your dentures at night for easy cleaning.

Without the need for bone grafts and sinus lifts, and with virtually no healing time, your smile can be transformed and your level of confidence elevated. Right away, you will notice that chewing and biting feel more comfortable, and you will no longer struggle with teeth that slip or click throughout the day. Best of all, you can place your trust in us to deliver the natural, comfortable, and secure smile that you deserve.


Patients who have lost a tooth or an entire arch of them rarely want to wait for weeks while an appliance is designed to replace their missing pearly whites. Dr. Gottesman, Dr. Pitman, and Dr. Bogart can use a technique that reduces that wait time to one hour!

This process begins with a specialized software program that gives our periodontists a highly realistic and accurate three-dimensional representation of your jaw structure. The patient’s jaw is scanned using digital technology, and those images are then manipulated in the program. After the jaw model is ready, the periodontist can perform a virtual surgery to prepare for the real thing.

This tool allows the periodontist to plan for the surgery more effectively and efficiently, and the implants are designed based on the data collected in the patient’s scan. The prosthetic is also designed in advance of the procedure so that it can be placed atop the implant on the day of the procedure.

When all of the elements (surgical plan, implant and prosthetic) are in place, the implant placement surgery is performed right in our office for your convenience. Local anesthesia is used, and patients can also opt for sedation as an additional comfort measure.

Because the surgery is so brief, patients heal more quickly, too. You will spend less time in recovery and be able to get back to your regular routine sooner!

Patients must be good candidates for dental implants in order to be eligible for the Teeth-In-An-Hour™, and most importantly, they must have sufficient bone of good quality to support the implants. If that is not the case, a preliminary bone graft may be needed before the patient can undergo the Teeth-In-An-Hour™ procedure. At your initial examination, Dr. Gottesman, Dr. Pitman, and Dr. Bogart can tell you whether you will need an additional bone graft surgery in advance.

Do not wait any longer for a beautiful new smile! Schedule an appointment at our office to see if you can take advantage of Teeth-In-An-Hour™.

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