Your Initial Visit at Perio NYC

Communication is the Key to Success

For your initial visit, and for all of your future visits, great communication will be the key to a healthy and rewarding dental experience. We believe that great communication is a two-way street, so it’s our responsibility to ensure that you are educated and informed about your dental health and it’s your responsibility to share your preferences, thoughts, and feelings with us. Working together, we can develop a personalized plan to guide you towards optimal dental health.

Each of our team members is dedicated and committed to answering any of your questions at any time as well as helping you to understand all of your treatment options and each recommended procedure. By performing a detailed and carefully documented clinical examination, we can learn more about the relationship between your oral health, your physical health, and your lifestyle in order to personalize your periodontal care and treatment.

Patient Forms

We’ve provided the following forms for your convenience. To save time on your first visit, simply print the following forms, fill in your information, and bring to your appointment.

Your initial examination and consultation appointment will include the following:

  • A complete assessment for the diagnosis of gum disease
  • Dental x-rays, clinical charting, periodontal probing and other related diagnostics
  • A customized recommendation for gum disease treatment according to the level of disease
  • A determination for implant candidacy (for patients who are interested in tooth replacement)
  • A medical history and dental history review
  • Scheduled conferences with referring doctors and dentists as needed
  • Personal consultation/examination time with the dentist (approximately one hour consultation)
  • A tailored treatment plan
  • Ample time to ask/answer questions

Getting Off to the Right Start

We are excited about meeting with you to explore the best ways to improve your periodontal health and oral health. Your initial visit will be the start of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. From controlling periodontal disease to making dramatic cosmetic improvements in your gums, our team of periodontal specialists has the talent and the tools to serve your dental needs. Now that you know what to expect, isn’t it time to schedule your first appointment?

Contact our office today and get yourself off to a great start!