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Assisting in Erupting Impacted Teeth

An “impacted” tooth is a tooth that has failed to pass through the gums, generally due to overcrowding.  In most cases, impacted teeth will need to be repositioned to prevent disruption of the position of neighboring teeth and to maintain the integrity of the bite.  “Erupted” teeth are teeth that have passed through the gums.

In addition, to repositioning erupted teeth, it occasionally becomes necessary to assist in the eruption of impacted teeth.  That is, to help the impacted tooth emerge through the gum. This prepares the tooth for extraction or for natural or orthodontic repositioning.

Assistance in erupting impacted teeth is best performed by a skilled periodontist.

By observing the principles of bone remodeling and its response to orthodontic movement, the team at PerioNYC can provide the surgical care needed to move an impacted tooth into its proper position. Our team has the expertise to protect the integrity of the surrounding gum tissue, rebuilding as necessary.

Providing the periodontal care that makes your orthodontic treatment more successful requires a level of skill that the professionals at PerioNYC have carefully cultivated. We invite you to contact our office today to learn more.

Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is about more than simply straightening the teeth. As the teeth move, every supporting structure is also affected. The bones, gum tissue, and periodontal fibers that surround each tooth must be considered well before the active phase of treatment has begun.

Sometimes referred to as the “Wilckodontics” method, PAOO is a specialized technique in which the PerioNYC team can work together with your orthodontist, employing a sophisticated periodontal philosophy to shave the estimated treatment time for traditional braces down to 8 months or less.

PAOO is a patented technique that harnesses and combines the proven concepts of orthodontics and periodontics to place teen and adult patients on the fast-track to a straighter, healthier smile. By surgically altering the bone around the teeth, it is possible to safely accelerate the orthodontic
process in order to achieve the desired result.

How does PAOO work?

While conventional orthodontics focuses on forcing the teeth into their proper positions, your periodontist understands that the living bone that supports the teeth has the extraordinary potential to rebuild and remodel itself when it is subjected to certain forces.

When subjected to the proper stimulation, the bone that surrounds the teeth responds by permitting the teeth to move far more rapidly than they would with traditional orthodontic forces that are focused solely on the teeth. Once the tooth movement is complete, the bone has the natural tendency to undergo a rebuilding process, restoring stability and support around the roots of each tooth.

What can I expect during the PAOO procedure?

Initially, an outpatient periodontal surgery will be necessary to prepare the gum tissue and jaw bone for the movement of the teeth. In many cases, this surgery can prevent the need for more invasive orthognathic jaw surgery. Prior to the surgery, you may be referred to your orthodontist to have the
appropriate orthodontic appliances placed on the teeth.

Following the completion of the surgery, your orthodontist will adjust your appliances on a regular basis until the teeth have been satisfactorily aligned.

Who can benefit from PAOO?

Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics is ideal for adults and teens who desire to reduce the length of the conventional orthodontic treatment method. For adults who are concerned about their social and professional lifestyles and teens who would like to enjoy their high school years without being overshadowed by braces, the accelerated method is particularly desirable.

To begin, you will need to consult with your orthodontist to confirm that PAOO is right for you. Next, our PerioNYC team can guide you through the details of the surgical process, collaborating with your orthodontist to customize your treatment plan for speed and efficiency.

We look forward to hearing from you today for an in-depth discussion as to how our periodontal team can help to enhance your orthodontic experience.

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