Lip Repositioning at Perio NYC

Treatment for “Gummy” Smiles

A gummy smile, known medically as “excessive gingival display,” can be a source of embarrassment to patients. Often, a gummy smile stems from a lip line that is unnaturally high and/or overdevelopment of the upper jaw. With each smile, the height of the top lip can rise to reveal too much gum tissue.

While many cases of gummy smiles can be addressed by correcting the position of teeth, by crown lengthening or by gum lifts, some smiles are actually affected by the position of the upper lip rather than tooth or gum shape. For patients with excessive gum tissue display due to high upper lip position, lip repositioning is the best option.  Simply repositioning the height of the lip with a safe and proven corrective surgery, Gummy Tuck™, can produce a more comfortable and relaxed smile.

before lip repositioningafter lip repositioning

Deb’s gummy smile was drastically improved with a Gummy Tuck™, a minimally invasive procedure to reposition her upper lip. (DocReels Production)

Margaret never smiled because she was too embarrassed of her gummy smile. Her life changed after her Gummy Tuck™. (DocReels Production)

What Is Lip Repositioning?

Simply put, lip repositioning is the lowering of the upper lip. Lip repositioning is a brief surgical procedure that restricts the top lip and positions the lip to reduce the amount of exposed gum tissue.

During this procedure, a small strip of tissue is removed from the inside of the upper lip and the exposed area is sutured into a new, lower position. The procedure generally takes about 30-45 minutes but the results are immediate – a beautiful, confident smile.

The Benefits of Lip Repositioning

  • Lip repositioning exposes a consistent, proportional amount of teeth and gums.
  • Recovery is very fast. Only local anesthesia is used and because the repositioning takes place inside the mouth, there is no external scarring.
  • After lip repositioning, we often see our patients smile confidently for the first time. Our patients claim to have boosts in confidence not only in their appearance, but also in their relationships and communication.

You can be sure that you are making a choice to improve both your health as well as your appearance. When these procedures are performed with excellence, you will notice that your smile is enhanced and those around you will notice it too.

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