Emergency Dental Care at Perio NYC in Manhattan

How We Handle a Dental Emergency

When you are experiencing a dental emergency, WE are experiencing a dental emergency. 
A dental emergency requires immediate, compassionate care. It is often the case that a dental emergency cannot be planned or anticipated. In those times of discomfort, pain, or fear, you can count on our team to be here for you to bring the situation under control right away.

Our team is prepared to treat common dental emergencies such as broken teeth, pain in the gums, toothaches, knocked out teeth, cracked fillings, abscesses, and more. To provide you with emergency dental services as quickly as possible, we have designed specific policies and procedures to accommodate your needs both day and night.

  • 24 hour call monitoring
  • Personal phone calls from the doctor
  • Same-day treatment for emergencies
  • A fully equipped dental clinic
  • High-tech emergency equipment
  • The ability to prescribe immediate pain management medications

Treat Yourself Like a High Priority

You might be tempted to ignore your dental emergency in hopes that the pain will go away or you may be fearful of the treatment and the anticipated costs of care. We invite you to seek care as soon as possible and we encourage you to make your dental care a top priority. Doing so can often keep the problem from getting worse, reducing the need for more expensive treatments in the future. Our emergency services are designed to relieve your pain and keep you comfortable.

Timely Dental Care is Essential

During a dental emergency, please contact our office as quickly as possible. After hours, you can access emergency care via our 24 hour call monitoring service.

With your dental health on the line, we will do our very best to ensure that you receive the appropriate care right away. Dental emergencies can happen at any time and it is important to know that we are here for you whenever the need arises.

If you are troubled by a dental emergency, please contact our practice today.