Improve Your Quality of Life with Dental Implants

Many patients may take their smiles for granted until tooth loss leaves that smile incomplete. If you have missing teeth due to decay or injury, dental implants can help to restore your smile and your quality of life.

Dental implants offer a lifelike tooth replacement option that provides better functionality than alternatives like bridges and dentures. The dental implant is a small, thin cylinder made of titanium, which is able to fuse with the jaw.

This structure replaces the tooth’s root, and so the prosthetic crown (or bridge or denture, which may also be supported by dental implants) is more secure and stable. As a result, the implant-supported crown is more effective and efficient at chewing than other tooth replacements, and patients can enjoy their favorite foods.

The prosthetic appliances are made of materials that closely mimic tooth enamel, so patients can feel free to flash a genuine grin without the fear that someone will notice a false tooth.

Dental implants do require a surgical procedure, but it is a relatively brief, outpatient surgery. As a specialist in conditions of the gum tissue and the underlying bone, a periodontist is well-qualified to plan for and place dental implants.

Patients may also need to work with a periodontist after dental implant placement to improve their chances of long-term success with the devices. If gum disease caused your tooth loss, you will want to take steps to prevent a recurrence so that the condition does not jeopardize your dental implants as well.

In order to be good candidates for dental implants, patients must have adequate bone tissue to support osseointegration with the implant. In cases where a patient has already experienced some bone loss after tooth loss, a preliminary bone graft may be needed for a successful implant placement procedure.

Dental implants offer a number of benefits to patients with tooth loss. If you need to replace a missing tooth, discuss this treatment option with our skilled periodontists, Drs. Edward Gottesman and Susan Karabin, to learn if you may be eligible for dental implants. Call 212-756-8890 to schedule your professional consultation today.

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