How Dental Implants Can Reduce Long-Term Dental Costs

Your periodontist and the rest of the dental team truly enjoy seeing you at your dental visits. It’s a pleasure to keep you educated and informed about your oral health. Every year, we are learning more and more about the strong link between your oral health and your general health. Plus, we look forward to hearing the latest news about your family, your work, and your plans for the summers and the holidays.

While we hope that you enjoy your time with us as well, we understand that the dental office may not be the most exciting place to hang out. We know that you are forced to take time out of your day for your appointments that may make you feel a little nervous or uncomfortable. And there’s just no way to get around the financial aspect of maintaining your health.

That’s why, when we recommend dental implants, we are considering the way that the decision will impact your time, your finances, and your lifestyle. We believe that replacing missing teeth can help to improve the quality of your life. We also believe that if it’s done right the first time, you’ll appreciate the long-term financial savings as well as the host of other advantages that implants can provide.

Aside from dental implants, there are certainly other (less desirable) options:

  • Many patients choose not to replace missing teeth at all, though they run the risk of irreversible bone loss, decreased chewing efficiency, shifting teeth, and an altered facial profile.
  • Temporary solutions such as acrylic partials and removable appliances may offer a quick resolution, though they will need to be repaired or replaced multiple times. These solutions are not typically as stable or attractive as dental implants.
  •  Dental bridges can replace the biting surface, though they require that the neighboring healthy teeth be altered in order to provide support.

Ultimately, the final expense of some temporary solutions can actually exceed the cost of a well-made and properly maintained dental implant. Most patients also appreciate the fact the implants look and feel far better than any alternative.

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