What is the Lifespan of a Tooth Implant?

tooth implant NYCMany decades ago, when the tooth implant still seemed obscure and futuristic, you may have had a hard time pinning down an exact estimate for its lifespan. Dental implants were touted as the very best choice for missing teeth, but no one could quite confirm just how long the artificial teeth would last. Instead, many researchers judged the failure or success of a dental implant by its performance over the first five years after it had been placed.

According to clinical trials and studies, most implants were considered to be a statistical success if they survived for at least five years. Most of the factors that could lead to the failure of an implant could be identified early on, including poor bone quality, poor health, or bite problems. Beyond five years, an implant could remain healthy and strong for an indefinite period of time.

Today, with more than 30 years worth of research and analytics, we know that the lifespan of a dental implant could technically equal that of your own lifespan. With a healthy beginning and appropriate oral hygiene maintenance for the rest of your life, a dental implant should not fail and thus, it has no expiration date.

Even with such promising statistics and research-based evidence, your periodontist cannot guarantee that your tooth implant will last forever. In much the same manner as a real tooth, an implant is vulnerable to many common factors that could contribute to an early loss. Receding gums and bones, gum disease, unmanaged or chronic health conditions, and TMJ problems can destroy the foundation that brings stability to both your natural teeth and also your dental implants.

Your periodontist is an expert when it comes to identifying and addressing these factors well in advance of your implant surgery, and you will be educated in the appropriate disease prevention strategies.

When you take an active role in your oral health you can prolong the lifespan of your smile indefinitely, and that pertains to your natural teeth and also your tooth implant. Talk to our periodontists today about getting the most out of your dental implants. Call Perio NYC at 212-756-8890 to schedule your visit.

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