State-of-the-Art Periodontal and Dental Implant Technology

Advanced Periodontal Technology - Manhattan PeriodontistWe are dedicated to our goal of providing the latest in dental technology. This means a better diagnosis, faster treatments with less pain, and a better recovery for you. We utilize a chartless system and are fully digitized to service patients quickly and reduce our impact on the environment.  Our state-of-the-art dental implant placement process is unmatched in results and experience. If it’s on the leading edge of periodontal technology, you’ll most likely find it in our office.  For example, we have a Cone Beam CT scanner, digital radiography, piezosurgery, radiosurgery, magnification loops, and sophisticated implant planning software like Simplant, i-Dixel and NobelClinician.

Dr. Gottesman and Dr. Karabin are constantly introducing state-of-the-art technology to the practice of periodontics and dental implantology. It is their passion to continually remain at the forefront of their profession by offering the most innovative treatments to their patients. It is part of their commitment toward making your visit as pleasant as possible while providing superior results.

trios-cartTrios® Digital Impression Solution – The new 3rd generation TRIOS® intraoral scanner is a three in one digital impression solution. An intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D color impression taking; an integrated intraoral camera, and shade measurement while you scan, for more accurate and predictable results. TRIOS® enables us to be more efficient and precise while improving your chair-time comfort.

veraview_3dr100Cone Beam CT (CBCT) – CBCT is a special form of X-ray used primarily in the diagnosis and planning of dental implants. CBCT offers a high resolution 3D scan of the teeth and jaw allowing absolute precision.

optime_handDigital Radiographs (X-rays) – Digital X-rays offer many advantages to the patient. Less radiation can be used to create the image, and results are much quicker than traditional film X-rays.

NobelClinician_tcm261-64251NobelClinician – NobelClinician aids in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient communication process of dental implants.

Ellman RadiosurgeryEllman Radiosurgery – the Dento-Surg™ creates micro-smooth incisions, allowing for increased patient comfort and reduced recovery times.

i-Dixel 2.0i-Dixel 2.0 – Advanced CT image viewing software with volume rendered images.

img_piezotomePiezosurgery – Piezosurgery tools utilize ultrasonic vibrations for safe, precise and silent treatments.

simplantSimplant – Simplant allows for precise and predictable implant planning.

CavitronCavitron –  Ultrasonic devices offer improved patient comfort, irrigation for better visibility, cavitation and acoustic turbulence to kill bacteria, better access to deep pockets and furcations, and less damage to cementum than hand scalers.

DayLite UltraMiniDesigns for Vision Optics and Headlights – Surgical Telescopes magnify visibility to insure the highest quality results.  The lightweight LED DayLite® Ultramini, provides adjustable intensity white light to improve visibility.

periodontist-technology-nyc-osstellOstell –  Osstell ISQ is a complete diagnostic system for determining implant stability and osseointegration. It provides us with the accurate, consistent and reliable stability measurements needed to make informed decisions about which surgical and prosthetic protocols to use to reduce treatment time and risk. As part of our quality assurance system it also makes it easier to explain treatment planning to both patients and our colleagues.

Air-N-Go TechnologyAIR-N-GO® – Supragingival and Subgingival Air Polishing offers efficient removal of and pathogenic bacteria, debris and stain around teeth and implants allowing for the treatment of peri-implantitis with ease and comfort..