Revolutionary Gum Regeneration with Gintuit™

periodontist New York CityRecession and loss of a certain type of protective (keratinized) gum tissue around the teeth has been an issue that has challenged the dental community for decades. The condition required the expertise of a talented periodontist.  Although we could preach prevention, provide cleanings, and use sophisticated diagnostics to identify periodontal disease, we knew that the gum tissue would never grow back on its own.

We could effectively stop periodontal disease from progressing, but were forced to accept the damage that had already occurred.

A surgical grafting procedure known as free gingival grafting became an accepted form of therapy in cases where the absence of protective (keratinized) tissue had become advanced. The procedure required the removal of thickened tissue from the roof of the patient’s own mouth and the transplant of the tissue to the affected area.

Though the procedure has been widely used and is quite successful, it has some limitations. Most patients experience considerable discomfort at the donor site (the roof of the mouth where the tissue was removed). Once the tissue is grafted into place, the esthetic result is sometimes undesirable. For patients who required extensive grafting, the amount of available donor tissue on the palate may be insufficient.

Today, we are one of the only periodontists in NYC who offers an alternative to traditional grafting methods. With Gintuit™ we can utilize a remarkable grafting material that has been manufactured from living cells rather than create an incision on the roof of your mouth.

After maturing for 20 days in a highly-controlled laboratory setting, this cellularized sheet is mature and ready for transfer. During healing, Gintuit™ promotes new keratinized gum tissue from a prepared recipient site by stimulating cellular cross-talk. Never before has a periodontist had the ability to encourage the regeneration of new gum tissue with such success utilizing state-of-the-art cell therapy technology.

Without the need for a donor site or unnecessary discomfort, your receded and often missing protective (keratinized) gum tissue can be regenerated with healthy, beautiful natural appearing gum tissue.

In terms of the surgical procedure, the recovery period, and the final appearance, most patients prefer Gintuit™ for the treatment of moderate to severe loss of protective (keratinized) gum tissue.

Find out if you can benefit from this cell-based therapy by calling our New York City office at 212-756-8890 to schedule your periodontal consultation today.

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