Study Shows Implant Success Rate is Highest When Performed by a Specialist

Dental Implants New York CityEven the most routine dental procedure can take an unexpected turn. Plans for placing a simple filling in a tooth can easily evolve into an emergency root canal procedure if there is deep decay. A tooth that is slated for a root canal procedure might need to be extracted if there is a fractured root or if the root canal procedure fails.

A general dentist is well-prepared for virtually any change of plans that may occur in the dental chair. Dentists have the training and experience to provide patients with comprehensive oral health care, enabling them to transition from fillings to root canals—many are even equipped to perform more advanced procedures such as tooth extractions and the placement of dental implants. However, as your treatment needs become more complex, your general dentist may choose to collaborate with a dental specialist such as a periodontist to ensure that each phase of your treatment is performed as flawlessly as possible.

This type of joint collaboration is made possible by the mutual respect, trust, and strong partnership that exist between the general dentist and the periodontist. For example, if a dental implant is needed to replace a missing tooth or a tooth that is to be extracted, your general dentist may opt to refer you to a periodontist with extensive dental implant experience rather than performing the implant surgery in the dental office.


A study which was recently published in the prestigious Journal of the American Dental Association explores the long-term benefits that can be seen when a general dentist recruits the services of a periodontist on your behalf for the placement of dental implants. For the purposes of the study, 922 dental implants and patients were observed for signs of success or failure three to five years after initial placement. After allowing for common causes of implant failure such as bone loss and inflammation, the researchers suggested that the survival and success rates for implants that were placed in general dental offices were lower than the statistics for implants that were placed in specialty settings such as periodontal and oral surgery offices.Your general dentist is committed to providing you with optimal tooth replacement solutions, which often includes the expertise of a seasoned dental implant provider like a periodontist. From the partnership between the two professionals, your chances for a predictable and successful implant will increase significantly. View the JADA article here.

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