Treatment Options for Discolored Gums

You might expect to find freckles or moles on your skin, but did you know that these types of skin irregularities can also appear on your gums? The same melanin that is responsible for the shading and variations in your complexion is also responsible for variations in the color of your gums. This discoloration may appear in small areas or it may be more widespread and noticeable. In fact, most patients tend to find it unattractive.

Whereas you can often conceal your skin discolorations with clothing or makeup, it is practically impossible to hide dark spots on your gums. To resolve this issue and to eliminate the appearance of brown or black gums, a cosmetic dental surgery procedure such as laser gum bleaching can be very satisfying and successful.

Deeply pigmented or dark colored gums can be caused by certain health conditions, medications, smoking, or a genetic predisposition. It is not generally considered harmful or unhealthy, but it can certainly impact your appearance. The condition can prevent you from enjoying a smile that looks fresh and beautiful, and it can take away from the beauty of your teeth.

In the dental office, with the comfort of local anesthetics, your periodontist can use a laser to treat the areas where the highest levels of melanin are produced. After approximately an hour, the gums will appear lighter and look healthier. It’s the least invasive method currently available for enhancing the color of your gums.

A great set of teeth are complemented by great-looking gums. Sometimes, fulfilling your vision of a great smile must include one or more cosmetic dental surgery procedures to enhance your gums as well. Bleaching the gums, creating a more shapely gum line, lengthening the appearance of the teeth, or gum grafting are ideal solutions when you desire the best possible esthetic outcome. Imagine investing your time and energy to fix up your teeth, only to find that the outcome is overshadowed by unappealing gums.

Talk to our periodontists today about the treatment options for discolored gums.

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