Tribute to Dr. Paul Tannenbaum

dr-tannenbaum Dr. Tannenbaum was many things. He was a photographer, an accomplished surgeon, a scholarly teacher, a great mentor, and an appreciator of the arts. However, what was most notable was his kindness and sincerity that was felt by everyone who knew him. We would often turn to him for his sage advice, not only on matters of dentistry but with life decisions as well and he was always there to help.

Dr. Tannenbaum enjoyed universal respect and admiration from his colleagues, adoration from his patients and the love of his children, grandchildren, and life partner Jane. We want to remember him as a great role model, an honest man, a gentle man. Rest in peace, Paul.

The Paul J. Tannenbaum Scholarship Fund

To remember Paul Tannenbaum is to admire and respect him for all that he had accomplished in his lifetime. He earned his DDS and a Certificate in Periodontics from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and served on the faculty appointment as Clinical Professor of Dental Medicine. Dr. Tannenbaum was a gifted and beloved teacher and a renowned periodontist.

He is remembered with great fondness by the faculty, alumni, and student of the College of Dental Medicine and by his many friends and family.The Paul Tannenbaum Scholarship Fund will serve as his legacy and will support postdoctoral students interested in an academic career, with a focus on clinical research.

To learn more about the scholarship or to make a donation in memory of Dr. Tannenbaum, please contact:

Geraldine C. Connors

Director of Development

212-342-5612 or