3D Imaging Technology Can Enhance Patient Care

periodontist 10065When it comes to gum disease treatment, the placing of dental implants, and many other dental procedures, 3D imaging technology assists your periodontist in providing accurate diagnoses and treatments. While X-rays are still very important diagnostic tools, 3D imaging provides an even deeper look at the condition of tissues beneath the surface in panoramic and cephalometric views.

What is 3D imaging?

A scanner that gathers images with cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) produces three-dimensional imaging. Cone beam imaging refers to X-ray emissions that radiate in the shape of a cone to capture a 3D image. This technology produces realistic and detailed imaging that shows both hard, mineralized tissues like teeth and bone along with soft structures like the gums.

Why is 3D imaging used?

Cone beam imaging is often reserved for complex treatment such as periodontal therapy or procedures involving the placement of dental implants. Allowing our team to view the entire oral cavity in deeper detail, 3D imaging also assists a periodontist when monitoring a patientā€™s progress during treatment. For example, when dental implants are placed, the bone should fuse around the implant by a natural process called osseointegration. 3D imaging can reveal how the jawbone is responding to the implantation process over time along with determining the best areas of the jaw to place implants.

Are there other benefits associated with 3D imaging technology?

Yes, an additional benefit to 3D technology is that the images produced by the CBCT scanner are digital. Instead of the need for developing images using radiographic film, images are sent to a high-resolution monitor. Because these digital representations are viewable on a computer screen, our team can zoom in and out on images and easily transfer images to other medical and dental professionalsā€”especially when our periodontist is working in conjunction with an orthodontist or general dentist.

We offer many technologies to help enhance patient treatment along with comprehensive oral health services including gum grafting, laser-assisted periodontal therapy, and dental stem cell banking. To schedule an appointment with our experienced and skilled periodontists, contact our practice today.

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