Defend Your Oral Health from Missing Teeth

Tooth suffering from tooth decay.When it comes to missing teeth, there are actually many people who come to the unfortunate conclusion that they don’t need to address their condition. These people seem to assume that if their missing teeth aren’t causing any pain or cannot be seen, then there is really no rush to pursue tooth restoration treatment. What these people don’t realize is that their missing teeth could potentially open their mouth to dangerous oral conditions that could end up costing them even more teeth. Today, Dr. Susan Karabin and Dr. Edward Gottesman are blogging to speak to New York and Manhattan area patients about the dangers of ignoring missing teeth.

Don’t Ignore Missing Teeth

When a patient loses a tooth, all that they are left with is an empty spot where that tooth used to sit. We have taken to calling these left behind gaps “food traps”, on account of how easy it is for food and debris to get caught in them. There are two potential problems that can occur because of these spaces:

  • Gum Disease: When you eat, it is possible that pieces and particles of what you eat will end up caught in your food traps (which is why these spaces have earned their name). If you do not keep these spaces clear of this debris, then bacteria will be attracted to the area, eventually creating an infection in your gums. This is called gum disease, some symptoms of which include chronic bad breath, bleeding or swollen gums, pain when chewing, and gum recession.
  • Tooth Decay: When you lose a tooth, it becomes possible for the surrounding teeth to begin moving or leaning into the empty space left behind. This is called teeth drifting, and it can result in severely crooked teeth. Depending on how crooked these teeth become, it can become difficult to properly clean your teeth, which will increase your chances of developing tooth decay. Some symptoms of tooth decay include chronic bad breath, off-color spots on your teeth, and toothaches.

If you do lose a tooth and would like to restore it, rest assured that we can provide a variety of treatments that will have you smiling again once more. That said, we recommend dental implants for our patients suffering from missing teeth. Implants provide replacement teeth that function and feel just as good as natural teeth. With this treatment, you will be able to smile your brightest while continuing to partake in all of your favorite foods.

Call and Schedule a Consultation with Our Doctors

It is important that you pursue treatment for your missing teeth as soon as possible. By getting to it quickly, your oral structures will still be strong and healthy, giving you more choice when it comes to how you would like to replace your missing teeth. If you would like to learn more about the teeth restoration treatments we offer here at Perio NYC, contact our office and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Drs. Susan Karabin and Edward Gottesman today.

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