Five Foods for a Healing Mouth

girl-eating-yogurt-resized-300x200When it comes to having any kind of oral procedure done, it seems like the first question we typically get asked afterward is “what can I eat?” Following a surgical procedure, such as that with dental implants, your mouth is going to be sensitive, and will be incapable of handling foods that are too hard or are chewy. This period of healing is completely normal, and it won’t be long before you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods again. That said, you will need to stick to certain foods during this time. Today, Drs. Susan Karabin and Edward Gottesman are blogging to speak to their New York and Manhattan area patients about foods they should consider sticking to while healing.


There are many kinds of cheese that are naturally soft enough to eat even when recovering from an oral procedure. For example, both brie and Manchego have the qualities that ensure they won’t harm your healing mouth. You can also continue to eat harder cheeses, but you will need to be sure to melt them first.


Yogurt is soft and creamy, making it perfect for patients recovering from oral procedures. Our patients love yogurt because it comes in a large variety of different flavors, from fruits to more indulgent flavorings like chocolate and vanilla. With yogurt, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a flavor that fits your needs.


Not only are eggs a great source of protein, but no matter what form you put them in, they will be able to be consumed without hurting your healing mouth. Eggs are a great meal option because they can be made in many different ways, from hardboiled to poached and even scrambled. This makes it easy to keep them feeling fresh and exciting every morning.


One of the most requested meals by patients who have undergone oral surgery (or really any body affecting procedure) is soup. Not only is soup naturally soft and creamy, but the warmth tends to make patients feel better. And like yogurt, soup also comes in a large selection of flavors, guaranteeing that you can find one that fits your tastes.

Soft Grains

From cooked oatmeal to oat bran and cream of wheat, soft grain foods can make a great meal option when coming off of an oral procedure. What’s great about soft grains is that you are free to add other great treats to them, such as berries, cinnamon, and peanut butter.

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As you can see, there are still many great meals ahead of you, even during this period of recovery. We recommend the foods above because not only are they good on their own, but many of them can be mixed with other soft foods, making it easy to experiment and find other great meal options while your mouth recovers. For more suggestions or to learn more about the procedures our office provides, we encourage you to contact our office and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Susan Karabin and Dr. Edward Gottesman today.

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