Dr. Gottesman served as an investigator in evaluating the NobelReplace Conical Connection Implants

nobelbiocareDr. Gottesman, along with a select team of international implant specialists recently reported one year results of a study evaluating the NobelReplace Conical Connection implants in healed extraction sites of the anterior maxilla. After one year, the implant showed a 98.9% success rate. For more information about the study, please read the following PDF file:

Immediate Temporization of NobelReplace Conical Connection Implants, 1 year Follow-up (PDF)

Study Details

Title:  An open, prospective, single cohort, multi-centre study evaluating the NobelReplace Conical Connection implants supporting single-unit crowns in the maxilla.

Study Code: T-179


Eighty-seven implants have been placed in the anterior maxillary healed sites of 82 patients. Seventy-four patients with 77 implants have received the definitive prosthesis, 71 patients with 73 implants have completed the completed the 6 month visit, and 57 patients with 59 implants the 1-year visit. One implant failure during the healing period prior to prosthetic delivery resulted in a cumulative survival rate of 98.9%. Bone level data has been sent to an independent radiologist and will be available soon.

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