Dr. Gottesman Serves on Periodontal Disease Advisory Board


Dr. Gottesman recently served as an advisor on the Periodontal Disease Advisory Board for OraPharma, Inc in Short Hills, New Jersey. He disussed the role of Lasers (LANAP™) and local drug delivery (Arestin®) in the treatment of periodontal disease. Other topics of discussion included:

  • Why and how are lasers being used in periodontal therapy?
  • Are there data to show superiority of laser curettage vs. SRP?
  • How effectively do lasers penetrate biofilm?
  • What do you think the reimbursement climate will be for lasers now and in future?
  • How do different state regulations affect who can and can’t administer treatment with laser therapy?
  • Is it appropriate for RDHs to use lasers for periodontal therapy and are there broader safety risks?
  • Are there existing data or literature trends that state that LASRP is superior to mechanical SRP?
  • Are lasers alone a comprehensive treatment?
  • What claim(s) is being made about laser therapy that is not supported by data?
  • Are there gaps in the existing evidence? What’s missing, insufficient, lacking?

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