Glowing New Review of Dr. Edward Gottesman

Well where do I start? Dr. Edward Gottesman is perhaps the best dentist I have ever come across.  I was most interested in lip lowering (a pretty specialized procedure) and both my parents are periodontists so you can imagine how much research I did before hand.  However, I must say that I’m so so happy that I came to visit Dr. Gottesman and PerioNYC all the way from Dubai, UAE. After a 12 hour airplane ride all I can say is that it was worth it! I had both CROWN LENGTHENING and LIP LOWERING procedures done at the same time by Dr. Gottesman. This was of course due to the fact I flew in for the procedure with my husband and time was limited, not to mention that the clinic were very helpful in accommodating our travel plans with short notice. I had both procedures done in the same morning, after an extensive question and answer session and comforting discussion with Dr. Gottesman I felt so relaxed and all the nerves just seemed to disappear.


We started at 9am and both procedures were completed in a matter of hours with very minimal discomfort. After the local anastesia I felt no pain at all, and following the procedure I was fine. With a combination of antibiotics and pain killers I was out having dinner the same night with my husband.  Aside from a slightly modified diet of softer foods, my mouth was pretty much healed in a week.  Perhaps what stood out most of all, aside from the excellent technical ability, was the extra attention that Dr. Gottesman and his team gave me; for me that really stood out. They called and emailed to see if I was fine, and Dr. Gottesman even called the same evening just to make sure I was alright. Before visiting Dr. Gottesman I wasn’t happy with my smile, I had a gummy smile, now thanks to Dr. Gottesman and PerioNYC that’s all in the past.  Its been over three weeks since the procedure and I’m loving my smile and there have been no complications at all. I was a bit worried about my lip or nose getting affected, actually everything looks great and completely natural when I laugh and smile. Thank you Dr. Gottesman! We hope to see you in Dubai soon!

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