Beaming New Review of Dr. Gottesman from Lip Repositioning Patient

We love when patients take the time to write reviews and tell us about their experience at PerioNYC. But few things are more touching to us than reviews that are actually “life change testimonials.” Here is what one of our patients recently wrote on Yelp:

He (Dr. Gottesman) is absolutely passionate about what he does, which is to give people beautiful smiles that reflect the light of the person within.

I didn’t know that gummy smiles could be corrected until my mother stumbled on Dr. Gottesman’s site. His reputation and work spoke for themselves, and I knew that if I was going to get any work done on something as important as my smile, it had to be with the best. So I took a deep breath and took the plunge.

The surgery itself was completely painless, I had practically no swelling after, and in a week and a half I was at a wedding partying it up and taking a slew of photos with my new smile. When I went through the photos I took from the wedding, I just couldn’t believe how good my smile, and ultimately my FACE looked.

And the best part was that NOBODY asked me if I had had anything done. The correction was such a natural fit to my face that it just looked like it should have always been there.

Dr. Gottesman is an artist. He doesn’t just get rid of the gummy smile, he gives you a smile tailored to your face.

Can you tell I’m just beaming right now? =)

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