Cosmetic Dental Procedures: Will my smile look natural?

cosmetic dental surgery ManhattanWhen embarking on cosmetic dental surgery or some other cosmetic dentistry treatment, patients want reassurance that the results will have a lifelike appearance. After all, they want to correct the flaws present in their natural teeth, not end up with a smile that is noticeably unnatural.

Significant advances in cosmetic dental surgery have resulted in an increasingly natural aesthetic for the smile. In many cases, a periodontist will first work with the patient’s own gum tissue and biological tooth material to achieve the desired results.

For example, a periodontist may perform a crown lengthening to improve the appearance of the smile. If a patient has a “gummy” smile, lifting the gumline to expose more of the tooth’s crown can have a significant effect.

Alternatively, a patient with receding gums may benefit from a gum graft in which donor tissue from elsewhere in the mouth is sutured in to the site of the receding tissue. Disproportionately long teeth can prematurely age a patient’s appearance, so correcting the receding gums can restore a more youthful smile.

When a periodontist is working with the patient’s own tissues, the results of cosmetic dental surgery can have a truly natural appearance. However, it is also possible to achieve lifelike results using prosthetic devices, too.

Dental implant placement is another popular cosmetic dental surgery, as dental implants offer a durable, long-lasting treatment for tooth loss. The implant’s structure mimics that of a biological tooth, with the titanium cylinder serving as a root that anchors a prosthetic crown. That crown is made of advanced materials that closely resemble natural tooth enamel.

Edentulous patients can even take advantage of dental implants to restore a complete smile in a matter of hours, through a procedure called “Teeth in a day.”

Through various cosmetic dental surgery procedures, a periodontist can dramatically improve a patient’s smile while maintaining a natural aesthetic. If you want to enhance your smile, contact the office of Drs. Edward Gottesman and Susan Karabin to learn more about what procedures may be most beneficial in your case. Call 212-756-8890 to schedule your consultation today.

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