Periodontal Plastic Surgery: Smile With Confidence

crown lengthening ManhattanFor many patients, the quest to improve a smile’s aesthetics focuses on enhancing the appearance of the teeth. While the teeth certainly do play a central role in a beautiful smile, the gum tissue that forms that smile’s frame is equally important. Even if the teeth are bright white and perfectly aligned, visible flaws in the gums can drag down the entire smile.

Some patients may be plagued by a “gummy” smile. That is, they have excessive gum tissue that makes their teeth appear to be unusually small.

A type of periodontal plastic surgery known as crown lengthening can correct this problem and improve proportions of patient’s teeth and gums.

Crown lengthening removes the excess tissue to expose more of the tooth enamel. The procedure can benefit patients who want to “lift” their entire gumline or those with an uneven gumline who may only need crown lengthening on certain teeth.

When performing the crown lengthening, the periodontist will use advanced techniques so that the patient will have a comfortable experience en route to an improved smile. The patient may require only a local anesthetic, although many patients will also opt for sedation for a more relaxing experience.

Patients often are surprised at the changes in their smiles following a periodontal plastic surgery like crown lengthening. The difference can be quite dramatic.

Other types of periodontal surgery, such as dental implant placement or gum grafting (replacing missing gum tissue), may be used in combination with crown lengthening or as individual procedures to boost your smile.

At the initial evaluation, your periodontist will thoroughly inspect your gums and the rest of your smile and jaw structure to recommend the most appropriate treatment to help you achieve your smile goals.

If you’ve noticed that your gums are detracting from the rest of your smile, schedule a consultation with our team today to learn more about periodontal plastic surgery. You may be able to improve your smile significantly by addressing aesthetic issues with your gums.

Dr. Gottesman Lectured at AAP Annual Meeting of 2014 in San Francisco
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