Cutting Edge Treatment for Gum Disease

gum disease treatment ManhattanGetting effective gum disease treatment can have long-lasting benefits for a patient’s oral health, offering protection against negative outcomes like tooth and bone loss. Furthermore, with advances in the technology and techniques behind gum disease interventions, patients experience minimal disruption to their lives.

Today’s periodontist can take advantage of scientific discoveries to improve the patient’s experience with gum disease treatment. For example, traditional methods for treating gum disease involved a deep cleaning to reduce pockets. While that approach is effective in eliminating disease-causing oral bacteria, it does not replace the surrounding structures that support the tooth, which are sometimes compromised by the process of gum disease.

Now, a new treatment known as Emdogain™ facilitates the process by which patients regenerate those supporting structures on their own when necessary. Emdogain, which is a targeted enamel matrix protein, improves on earlier guided tissue regeneration techniques because it is able to stimulate the formation of those specific tissue structures that support and anchor the teeth. 

…with advances in the technology and techniques behind gum disease interventions, patients experience minimal disruption to their lives.

The periodontist makes a tiny incision in the gum tissue, cleans the root surface, applies Emdogain, and sutures the site. The procedure requires local anesthetic and some patients feel more comfortable choosing sedation as well.

Emdogain presents an improvement over older treatments in a number of ways. It is less invasive, more comfortable and quicker to heal. Patients should work with the periodontist to develop a plan for post-operative care to reduce the likelihood of complications and increase the patient’s chances of good treatment outcomes. Patients should also be sure to provide a thorough medical history to the periodontist to make sure that they are healthy enough to tolerate the procedure.

Gum disease must be addressed promptly in order to keep it from progressing and harming the patient’s oral health and overall well-being. If you’ve been postponing gum disease treatment due to dental fear or anxiety, talk to our periodontists about innovative interventions that involve minimal discomfort. Then you can get back on the path to good oral health. Call 212-756-8890 today to schedule your visit.

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