Relax and Take the Edge Off with Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry ManhattanAppropriate sedation can make dental treatments more tolerable for anxious patients and less fearful ones as well. For example, sedation dentistry can help patients who are in need of various types of periodontal interventions, like gum surgery and dental implant placement.

Our practice offers several delivery methods for sedation so that the treatment can be tailored to the patient’s preferences. Your periodontist will discuss the various pros and cons of each method with you so that you can make a well-informed decision. Different methods can be used in combination, as well, if this might benefit you.

In some cases, the patient can inhale nitrous oxide through a small mask, and the gas will have a mood-lifting effect almost immediately. Nitrous oxide’s effects are reversed when the patient begins to inhale oxygen-rich air again, so patients who are only under the influence of this agent will become alert again fairly quickly after the procedure.

Our practice offers several delivery methods for sedation so that the treatment can be tailored to the patient’s preferences.

Another option that your periodontist may offer is oral conscious sedation. This may be a good choice for patients who are fearful of needles and would prefer to avoid IV sedation. The patient takes an anti-anxiety medication by mouth prior to the appointment to give the sedative adequate time to take effect. This method is highly effective, but it does take some time for the drug’s effects to wear off.

The third method is intravenous (IV) sedation, in which the sedatives are delivered directly into the patient’s blood stream via IV. This method also takes effect fairly quickly, although it takes longer for those effects to be reversed than with nitrous oxide.

Regardless of the type of sedation you choose, your vital signs will be closely monitored throughout the appointment for your safety and maximum comfort. Drs. Karabin and Gottesman have all necessary training, certifications and expertise in sedation dentistry, and they would be happy to discuss these qualifications with you to put you at ease, as well.

Additionally, your providers will discuss all necessary instructions related to your chosen method of sedation with you in advance of the appointment. You will also be directed to have a responsible adult escort you to and from the appointment if you will not be alert enough to drive yourself home afterward.

Whether you dread the idea of dental procedures or just would like to have a more comfortable, relaxing treatment experience, sedation dentistry may help. To learn more about your options, contact our skilled team and schedule your informative consultation today.

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