How do I know if I will need sedation during my dental procedure?

IV sedation dentistry New York CityIV sedation dentistry is becoming increasingly popular among both anxious dental patients and those who just want a more relaxing experience during their dental procedures.

Most patients who are receiving treatments more involved than a simple tooth extraction or filling can benefit from IV sedation dentistry, which helps patients achieve a deep state of relaxation while remaining conscious. Sedation dentistry is generally considered to be safer than general anesthesia because patients do remain awake throughout the procedure, and their airways are not compromised.

When preparing for some sort of treatment for gum disease, whether it is surgical or non-surgical, patients should discuss their options for sedation dentistry with the periodontist. It can be especially beneficial for patients who are more fearful about interventions that target the soft tissues, or for patients facing complex treatments for gum disease or other concerns related to the gums.

Patients who are not so keen on needles and have qualms about IV sedation may choose other options, such as oral medications or nitrous oxide. These alternative delivery methods can achieve similar effects less invasively. However, they may require other considerations or preparation. For example, patients must take oral sedatives in advance of the appointment so that the medication has enough time to take effect. They will also need to make arrangements to have someone bring them to the appointment.

IV sedation may also require the patient to take certain steps in advance of the procedure, such as fasting after a certain time. Ask your periodontist for his or her recommendations.

Also, if you plan to undergo sedation with your periodontal treatment, you must plan to have someone take you home after your appointment. The sedatives’ effects do not wear off fully enough in time for patients to drive themselves home.

Many patients may benefit from sedation dentistry but do not realize that it is an option that they can take advantage of. When planning for any periodontal treatment, ask our skilled team about your sedation options. Call 212-756-8890 for more information.

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