When Can I Return to Work after a Dental Implant Procedure?

Tooth Implant DiagramSometimes, just the thought of having a dental surgery procedure, such as a tooth implant, can be too overwhelming to entertain. In deciding to choose dental implants placed in order to replace your missing teeth, you’ll have to sort through all of the factors that can accompany your treatment.

You may have questions regarding the cost of the treatment, the average success ratio, and the functionality of the new tooth. But, the most pressing concern may pertain to how long you can expect to be out of commission. You’ll want to know how quickly you will be able to return to work or resume your other daily responsibilities. After all, it is tough to earn a living when you are confined to the sofa or the bed, or when you are under the influence of pain medications.

Fortunately, getting dental implants has never been simpler, and the procedure’s high level of precision makes the process smooth and predictable. Your periodontist is committed to providing you with strong and dependable dental care that won’t interrupt your life unnecessarily. As such, the surgical portion of the procedure as well as the post-operative instructions will be designed to get you back to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible.

On the day of the procedure, and possibly, the day after, you can expect to feel somewhat groggy or sleepy. If you are under the influence of sedatives or pain relievers, you will be advised to avoid driving or operating mechanical equipment. For several days after, you will also need to postpone any strenuous activity or labor. Physical labor or straining can cause excessive bleeding and slow healing.

However, most patients find that they can resume a relatively normal diet and return to work within just a few days of the surgery. In fact, many patients find that they feel strong and alert as quickly as the day after surgery. For an accurate estimation of your recovery time, contact the office of Drs. Edward Gottesman and Susan Karabin at 212-756-8890 and schedule your consultation today.

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