Ultrasonic Scalers for Periodontal Treatment

On your next visit with your periodontist, take a moment to look around at all of the technology and modern equipment. You will find that each piece of equipment was selected for its advanced capabilities, efficiency, and safety. And, although new tools and gadgets are interesting, you won’t find them in the dental office unless they can provide important oral health benefits for you.

For example, gum disease is often treated with an instrument known as an ultrasonic scaler. It utilizes an ultrasonic Cavitron device and water to disrupt the biofilm that is responsible for periodontal disease and it also stimulates your body’s immune response in the battle against gum disease. It is used to remove tarter buildup above and below the gumline, and it’s safe for natural teeth as well as dental implants.

As part of a non-surgical treatment approach, these powerful tools can remove the bacterial film of plaque and then flush away the particles that would remain trapped beneath the gums. Studies have shown that there can be a therapeutic effect gained from the constant flow of water under the gums and between the teeth.

Ultrasonic Cavitron Plus and Cavitron Jet Plus instruments can improve your oral health because they enable us to access the deep pockets beneath the gums that are known to harbor bacteria. Delivering the ultrasonic vibrations and water into the areas that you cannot reach with your toothbrush or floss is often the best method of eliminating toxins and beginning the healing process.

This method is especially beneficial for treating patients who have experienced bone loss that extends between the roots of the molars, in the area known as the “furcation”. Failing to treat periodontal disease that has reached the furcation can lead to considerable bone loss and, ultimately, tooth loss.
Studies have pointed to the success that can be achieved with ultrasonic instrumentation compared to manual methods. When it comes to the treatment of gum disease, our periodontists are committed to using the tools and techniques that have been proven to yield the best results.

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