Perio NYC Talks About Oral Health And Older Patients

Romantic senior couple in love. Wife is embracing the husband.Here at Perio NYC, we treat many older patients, so we understand the unique challenges for these patients. Luckily, due to advances in modern dental care, more patients than ever are keeping their teeth into senior years. How is this possible? Most specialists agree that the key to keeping a healthy mouth and teeth is to maintain good oral habits. Here are some additional details about older patients and caring for their teeth.

Dental Statistics For Older Patients

• Older Americans generally have the worst oral health because many are economically disadvantaged and lack insurance. Being disabled, homebound, or institutionalized also increases the risk of poor oral health.

• Many older patients do not have dental insurance.

• Older women usually have worse health than men. The reason for this is that women usually have lower incomes and may never have had dental insurance.

• One-quarter of adults 60 years old do not have any natural teeth left.

• Roughly 25 of adults 60 years or older have problems with their oral health including multiple missing or damaged teeth.

• Half of all elderly patients are missing all of the teeth in one or both rows of their mouth.

• Approximately 15% of the patients that are aged 45-54 suffer from some form of periodontal issue or gum disease.

• Chronic health issues like diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis can significantly compromise oral health and result in dangerous oral health problems.

Why Dental Visits Are So Important For Older Patients

Here at Perio NYC, we advocate regular dental visits for all patients, regardless of age. However, if you or a loved one is older than the age of 60, dental visits are particularly important. The reason for this is that aging teeth can suffer from issues that can advance very rapidly and drastically impact the health of delicate oral tissues. Aim for one visit every six months and more if there are persistent oral or overall health issues.

What Are The Signs Present In Aging Teeth?

1. loose teeth
2. chronic bad breath
3. stains on teeth
4. receding gums or separation from teeth
5. darkening teeth
6. swollen or bleeding gums
7. dry mouth

Additional Problems With Aging Teeth

Maintaining good oral health habits is essential to overall health and well-being. This becomes even more important because bacteria in the mouth have recently been associated with serious medical conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia and other health problems common in patients in their senior years.

Can Dental Implants Help Older Patients?

Dental implants can provide many exceptional benefits to older patients who have lost teeth with time, age and dental trauma. In the past, gaps in your smile meant bridges or dentures. Now, dental implants can fill the spaces in your smile with a permanent alternative. Even better, with dental implants, patients can improve dental health, restore confidence, improve bite strength, broaden diet, aid digestion, and help you regain a better overall state of health.

Contact Perio NYC For A Consultation Today

If you or an elderly loved one needs dental treatment, we are here to help. Quick and effective treatment, will ensure that oral structures will remain strong and healthy and that patients will have less chance of losing teeth. If you would like to learn more about the treatments we offer here at Perio NYC, contact our office and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Drs. Susan Karabin or Edward Gottesman. We can’t wait to help you get started on an improved smile today!

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