Springtime Smiles with Green Tea

green teaNow that spring has officially sprung, plenty of people here in New York, NY will be wanting to get outside and enjoy the pleasant weather that is about to hit us. however, New York isn’t the only place where birds are chirping and flowers blooming. Over in Japan, the cherry blossoms are blooming. This is a special event that causes crowds of large sizes to gather and watch thousands of pink petals drift gently to the ground. With that being said, dental implant providers Drs. Karabin and Gottesman want to talk a little about one of Japan’s favorite drinks – green tea.

Green Tea Benefiting Oral Health?

Many people may not know this, but increasing your consumption of this herbal tea can have some incredible benefits on the overall state of your oral health. because of this we have decided to write an article on a few ways in which drinking more green tea can help your smile.

Cavity Prevention

Believe it or not, green tea has been theorized to help prevent the formation of cavities in a few ways. One of these ways revolves around the fact that there is very little caffeine in most green teas. If you replace a few of the cups of coffee you drink on a daily basis with a warm cup of green tea, then you are helping yourself stay hydrated. This is because there is about 35-70 mg of caffeine in an eight-ounce glass of green tea, and about 150-200 mg in a cup of coffee the same size. Caffeine has the ability to dehydrate you and cause dry mouth. When your mouth is dry, it lacks the proper amount of saliva it needs to defend itself against decay-causing bacteria.

Green tea also has an incredible ability to control bacteria. On top of this, it has the capability of lowering acid levels in saliva as well. This means that when you drink green tea, your mouth becomes an all-around better environment for healthy teeth.

Green Tea Also Benefits Your Gums

Aside from doing things that benefit your teeth, green tea also has some amazing anti-inflammatory properties. This means that the intricate web of veins that runs throughout your gum line is aided in being kept healthy and full of life giving, oxygen rich, blood. How amazing is that?

Antioxidants Help Prevent Cancer

Another amazing plus side to drinking more green tea is the fact that it is chock full of antioxidants. Not only will these antioxidants lend a helping hand to cancer-fighting efforts in your mouth, but in the rest of your body as well. Oral cancer is a serious threat in the world of dental health and it is much more prevalent that people think. Anything that lends your body a hand in fending off any type of cancer is worth a look in our minds. It just so happens that green tea is something you can look at all you want, but it’s much better when you drink it.
Until next time readers, happy spring and keep smiling.

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